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12 Responses to “Visit Our Forums”

  1. When will this cool project be up and running?

  2. we are hoping sometime in November.

  3. Will there be accurated cities??? This is one of the biggests questions… I dont know if you have answered it or not…

  4. “accurated?” Is that even a word? What does it mean?

  5. I thinks he means authentic cities.(is that even a word?:x). Anyway does minas thirith look like minas thirith in battle map.. and so on.

  6. Hi guys, thirdagetw mentioned november as the expected release time of the mod… any hope that the scheduled timing will be honoured?

    Look forward to sse the mod up and running!!!! 🙂

  7. Hi My name is Maarten (Nickname Martastik)
    and my question is; will there be icons developed for every troop/banner/Castle/Agents because If for example we fight on the battles and we quickly need to select a troop we need to see it under our stats don’t we? And anyways I love what you did it’s a really good job. U really did something here 🙂

  8. Will be there some more Fantasy-elements, like Spells or something?

  9. Hi Folks, it’s now March 2009, is there still hope that this mod will ever be released or do i have to cry me to sleep?

  10. I want to play arghgghgh make it guys i need to play

  11. Hey my question is…. is it possible to play generals with names like the heros of LOTR ….. like legolas or gandalf????

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