–Third Age Total War Map Preview– Beta

Map created by < Shved > and Muhamed
Based on map LOTR:TW.
Textures: RTW, M2TW, MapMod and my.
Map size: 250х214

For bigger high resolution pictures, go here


11 Responses to “Map”

  1. Looks spectacular.

  2. Pure Brilliance! =]

    It would be nice to see new sea textures though, like the ones used in SS and EB =]

  3. Attention,
    The map size is now going to be doubled

    @ Allu X, SS is working with us

  4. In Mordor… it’s missing one little thing! the sea of nurnen! XD
    and the southern Shadow Mountains aren’t like that… and Minas Morgul isn’t in the middle of the Mountains!

    BUT! the map is great! i love it and i’m wainting…

  5. i made a big mistake!
    The map is awesome… the only thing is Minas Morgul in a weird place…

  6. i think u guys are doing a great job but theres a huge problem. J.R.R Tolkien never had a faction called Rhun you guys cant do that rhun is a vast country the is the east of middle earth. The factions that live in that area are the Easterlings and the Varaigs of Khand. Guys for factions u should also add the grey company, Arnor and the Beornings if you have any questions or comments just respond on the this forum board

  7. will minas tirith look like the movies or what?
    and what about helms deep?

  8. The map is great, but i think you use “settlement” to often.
    For example, why have you called Carn Dum “Carn Dum settlement” and not only “Carn Dum”, and what about calling “fangorn settlement” tarntobel ?
    (edit: tarntobel is a name out of the the german book, i mean the place where the ents meet themselves)

    @Arathon: What about the name “Balcoth” for the faction Rhun?
    And, the Varaigs of Khand are living in the southeast of Mordor, not in Rhun!

    @Seth I’m not a developer of that mod but I think the form of cities is fixed too deep in the source code of Medieval, so the cities won’t look like in the movies.

  9. hey
    whys there a dark lord of Sauron
    but when I check out followers
    its empty

  10. Looks amazing good job everyone

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