The Third Age Total War Team Presents…

A faction preview


Units created by King Kong
Faction Icon created by Code_Knight

Swan Knights

Kings Guard

Rangers of Ithilien

Gondor Infantry

Gondor Cavalry

Axemen of Lossarnach

Citadel Guard

Gondor Archers

Dismounted Knights of Dol Amroth

Dismounted Swan Knights

Gondor Captain

Gondorian Spearmen

Fountain Guard (edited)


11 Responses to “Gondor”

  1. These screen shots aren’t resized like the Elf ones are.

  2. Who cares! They are awesome!

  3. Oh my god. Gondor looks good enough to make me want to play them over the elves…

  4. They are brilliant !
    but if you make the Gondor Infantry’s armor a bit darker (more silverish) it would be the most great thing.

  5. Absolutely fantastic!

  6. nice but there armor seams flat it gives me the sense it plastic make it look like real metel make it more shimmery and shiny

  7. there are so cool

  8. the pictures are currently not showing up, i’ll fix this in the near future

  9. i have wait for a mod like this thx guys, it looks fantastics, cant wait ^^, must play it

  10. omg it looks so good only the armor looks like it,s plastic or somthing make it a little darker en shiny more…silverish then it would be the greatest thing
    i am absolutely adicted to LOTR

  11. guys plz dont let this die i am willing to pay for this i bought kindoms just for this mod. im counting on u guys plz. keep up the great work every thing looks perfect.

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