Q: When will this mod be done?

A: When it’s done.

Q: How long you think it takes you to release beta of the mod?

A: It’s still too early in development to tell, but I’m thinking sometime this year (if things roll smoothly that is).

Q: Is this mod for Kingdoms?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the elves in the Elven Faction thread high elves or a mix of wood and high?

A: Mostly high, but some wood. There will be two elven factions though.

Q: Will dwarves have recruitable cavalry of some type?

A: We think so, but it won’t be very good. but the dwarven melee infantry will be some of the best (next to the elves of course)

Q: Do you want this mod to focus mainly on the books, or the films?

A: It’s not really one or the other, we use both, it seems that we are going with the movies on most of the armor because it provides our modelers with a visual aid.
Q: Are you going to imply the Fellowship/destroying of the Ring in some way?

A: Not in this release, we may not even do it at all, not really a purpose of the tw series to have little quests like that.
Q: I’ve seen you are focussing on the movies for the unit looks, are you going to do the same with portraits of generals/heroes like Theoden/Eomer/Elrond/etc?

A: Yes, it will give a photoreal look to the portraits and just improve overall look and feel.
Q: Will this mod focus only on the War of the Ring? if so how long will one turn take? And will one be able to continue after the WotR?

A: No it start’s about fifty years before the War of the Ring and it will continue afterwards.
Q: What would be the goal in the campaign?, conquer x settlements?, destroy x enemy factions?, destroy the Ring?

A: Yes, Yes, and No. We’ll probably throw in a few other things too, but it’s still too early in development right now.


18 Responses to “FAQs”

  1. Will there be dragon rider? Catapult instead of tower in castle?

  2. fellbeasts that the nazgul rode? if thats what your asking, then no, we decided that the animations for flying animals just wouldn’t look very good and would take away from the mod.

  3. will all the announced factions be playable?

  4. yes, all the factions will be playable, except for bandits(rebels) because they will be a product of their environment, just like in vanilla M2TW.

  5. will it be a free mod or will there be a surcharge

  6. It will be free so far as I know. šŸ˜‰

  7. Will heroes like gandalf aragorn etc…be just generals or will they be able to fight along side the soldiers in battle?

  8. Will there be princess? I mean to forge alliances through marriage..

  9. Heroes will be in later releases of the mod, but we will have certain “historic” people in the first release.

  10. Will there be a advanced AI system, similar to the one in Broken Crescent?

  11. Will you release a german version or a patch wich is in german language?

  12. are you able to change the look of a town/castle?
    in other words: will minas tirith have 7 walls /will helms deep look like the castle in the movies? šŸ™‚

  13. @thomas, there is a way, but it is in early beta, so we will probably not have custom settlements until later releases.

  14. Omg custom settlements is just what I’ve been waiting for, if you guys could do that I would kiss your feet and then some

  15. Will there be Icons for the troops themselves?

  16. I’ve red, that the Mod will release on Christmas, so I would ask, when will it done?

  17. wow doesnt look like any one has been here for a long time. But anyway great mod! and i look forward to the next patchs. keep up the great work.

  18. This is the best Total war game EVER

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