Kingdom of Gondor
Kingdom of Rohan
Kingdom of Dale
Silvan Elves
High Elves
Orcs of Misty Mts
Bandits (rebels)


21 Responses to “Factions”

  1. Will all factions be playable?

  2. all besides the rebels

  3. The “Orcs of Misty Mts” were Goblins which are smaller than orcs but faster, they had their own civilisation allbeit a bloodthirsty and sadistic one. Read ‘The Hobbit’, they first appear there when Bilbo and the others are captured atop the misty mountains. Did you decide against calling them Goblins for a reason or did you simply not know? Other than that you guys are doing a very good job from what i’ve seen of the screenshots, keep it goiing.

  4. Well actually “goblin” and “hobgoblin” were names for orcs given by hobbits. Tolkien used this name usually only when some hobbit was speaking and in “The Hobbit” book.

    Usually goblin meant small orcs of Misty Mountains and sometimes regular sized Mordor’s orcs. Hobgoblin meant largely sized orc, such as uruks of Mordor.

    “Orcs of Misty Mountains” is more proper name than “Goblins” because we aren’t making this mod from hobbit perspective.

  5. You also need a faction for Dol Guldor in Southern Mirkwood, although most ‘evil’ factions are allied under Sauron and ‘good’ guys under the White Council.

  6. I think Dol Guldur doesn’t need a faction, if so, it should belong to Mordor.
    About the elves… I understand that silvan elves are the sindar of Mirkwood, but are the High Elves all the Noldorin realm? I mean, this faction would be able to control both Rivendell and the Galadhrim?
    btw good job

  7. There were four main elven outposts/realms left in this period:
    Lindon(Noldor & Sindarin, with some Silvan),
    Imladris/Rivendell (all three groups),
    Lothlorien (Base Silvan elf population but Sindarin middle/upper classes, under a Noldorian Queen)&
    Northern Mirkwood (again Silvan elf base population with Sindarin middle/upper classes) – note that in the Hobbit and appendices of LOTR it is noted that the Silvan/Sindarin elf army of Mirkwood was fully equipped with mail armour, as a consequence of losses lost during the War of the Last Alliance because of the traditional lack of metal armour used by Silvan armies.

  8. Guys you are doing a really great job,
    I can’t to play your mod !!!

  9. someone tell how long we will have to wait for this GREAT mod?

  10. What is downlad site this game????

  11. What? No hobbit faction?

  12. awesome mod guys iv been waiting for something like this!
    keep it up!

  13. thanx everyone! 😀

    the mod is still in development

    we will not have a hobbit faction, but we are planning on making some mercenaries (still in debate)

  14. Thank you! Really awesome.
    Oh yeah, a lot of mercs will be fine.

  15. Are you going to have “half dragons” in the game? Tolkien says that they are around in the mountains. And the last real dragon was Smaug.

  16. NERDSSSS… lol relax it will be a good game without sounding like dinks argueing over goblin or orc names.

  17. Is there only going to be one faction of dwarves? In the Tolkien universe there are a few seperate dwarf kingdoms that are mentioned. For example: There is the Kingdom of of the Lonely Mountain, but the dwarves also have lands in Ered Luin (the Blue Mountains) in the North West of Middle Earth, which I think is a seperate kingdom.

  18. yeah there were a few Dwarves left in the Blue Mountains, but more likely loose settlements than actual kingdoms. There were the Dwarves of the Iron Hills though, that’s an actual kingdom. In the list of factions does Eriador mean the Dunedain Rangers, the Bree-lands, or Dunland? Or is Dunland included in Isengard? And if Eriador means the Rangers and/or Bree, it might be fun to give them a hobbit unit since they’re sometimes associated with each other.

    When Churchill defines the Elven settlements and their demographics, some of them mix, so which of the two factions has what? Lindon obviously to the Noldor and probably Rivendell too, and Mirkwood clearly to the Silvan. But where does Lorien go?

    I’m so excited for this mod! 😀 I’m sure you all won’t disappoint!

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  20. seems this website is not maintained anymore? Anyway, I wanted to give a lot of credits for an AMAZING mod that you have created, some say the best that they ever played. Third Age Total War got it’s place in the hall of fame of all time

  21. there is a second mod you can get to have lorien be a separate non-playable faction, without it, I think it belongs to the silvan elves.

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