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You can contact us at our email which is We our always active on our forums: Here If you cannot reach us at either of these links then feel free to PM me (Code_Knight) at TWcenter.


12 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Good Job can’t wate to play it

  2. Just like to say keep going! Can’t wait to play this. I hope everything is going smootly but I bet its hard work. Sadly I’m a noob with mods (I’m good at the game though). But if there is anything you need doing which is nooby or your cba to it but its easy I’d glady help out in any way I can.
    Btw I’m vivid_ on twcentre and gamefaqs so message me if theres anything to do.
    P.S Good Luck!

  3. hi, im thomas, from argentina and i cant wait for palying this mod!
    when are you going to release the mod ??
    thanks, thomas

  4. hi i’m paul from germany and i’ve been waiting now for souch a long time…. i can’t wait any longer…. so please, please, please, please tell us when you’re finished!!!!
    good luck and thanks

  5. good day, ive just finished my last total conversion for warhammer 40k dark.c and am looking for a change ive been scouring the www for a while to se if starting from scratch would be a waste of my time and stumbled on your site, i left game developement a while ago because of the constant underappreciation of the need to debug our games befor launch so left th industry now i just mod in my spare time. woukd rather join a good mod than compete with it could you use any more help? if so send me what you havent done or started on and il start there

  6. Hi guys im a rookie when it comes to mods, just cant seem to install and play them…im wondering will this be straight forward to install without messing about with files? Love the work it looks amazing

  7. When will you be finishing the mod ?(can`t wait for it to play;))
    how many % of the mod are finished?

  8. Still how long to “Lord of the Total War” ??
    (also can`t wait for it to play)

  9. I’m guessing this project has been shelved for the time being, the developers real world lives having probably caught up with them 😦

  10. who is the Mod download?

  11. wo^^

  12. Hi, I am Leon from Germany. Your Mod is so perfect, but I have a Question. Do You make a Lord of the Rings mod for Empire Total War, too? In my opinion Empire is a great game and makes more fun to play. It would be so god like. Could it works?

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